Fabulous Finds - Lost and Found

Great decor doesn't need to cost a fortune. 
Sometimes price and style have nothing in common! Can I get an AMEN?!
I wanted to stop in and show off some recent finds that prove my point perfectly. 
Found these lovelies at an estate sale for $25 a piece. Had them powder coated for $35 and they 
now live in my girlfriends kitchen. They are the perfect companions to the farmhouse table. 
Similar chairs are $350...I'll take my $60 version any day! 

The same friends/clients are remodeling their backyard. In the process of creating
 a pool house, this sweet little bird was dug up by the contractors. 
The house was built in the 30's, so who knows how long he's been there...or what his story is.
Makes him all that much more special.

And...this massive piece of coral was sitting outside, in front of an upholsterers' shop. 
When we asked about it, they said we could have it for free. Okay...If you insist.
I love nice people. 

So then, the other day I was digging around in my garage through some boxes of my grandmother's things, and this porcelain poodle, I hadn't seen in 20 years, decided he wanted to come live on my desk. I kinda love him...probably because my grandmother did. 

And lastly...I hesitate to even show you really...because you have to have vision. It was sitting by the
 curb at an estate sale. REALLY?? I would SO have paid $$ for it. People are unreal.

 I'm still searching for the perfect leather to recover it, and then it's gonna be one sexy beast! 
It's the desk chair I've been searching for forever. Patience pays off. 

 So, "One man's trash is another man's treasure"?


And, I have zero shame about it. Just because you pay major money for something...
doesn't make it stylish or valuable...in fact sometimes, it just makes you stupid. 

Not you of course.

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