Fabulous Finds- Art to Heart

There is some great art to be found if you do a little searching. My shopping 
partner-in-crime, is a savvy wheeler and dealer. 

I promised to share the pieces she scored at the art auction we attended. She really lucked out. 
Next time I'm not inviting her. 
This piece by Hank Tilbury  is amazing, it's hard to tell if it's a painting or a
 photograph if you stand a few feet away. 
This one she bid half price on at an estate sale and won. I covet it every time I see it. 
And this $5 nude, she spotted first while we were out shopping. I'm going to slip it in my
purse one of these days when she's not looking. You know how I love a good nude. 
And last but not least, these are by an AMAZING artist named Gino Hollander
who is 85 by the way. She purchased these and two more on Ebay for a steal. 
We found the custom frames at another estate sale for $10.
 Her husband is buying her another one of Gino's pieces for her birthday...very lucky girl! 
So now I'm just hoping she grows tired of them all very soon and decides to sell them to me...
because...well... because I want them. And, because it saves me from having to steal them. 

 ...Yesterday we stopped in at an artist co-op studio and gallery and stumbled upon some great talent.
 We hung out for over an hour and even got a demo by Matt Coburn.
 Pretty sure we are going to be taking some classes from Mr. Coburn.
We both fell in love with his impressionist style and use of color
Gorgeous right?!
In other art news, I have been cutting mattes and framing like a fool all week. Luckily the Huz was in England, so I could destroy the house with no guilt, while in my "process".
 I am SO close to being done ! (famous last words)

Have a gorgeous and blessed Easter weekend!

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