Bringing the Outside In... My Dining Room

My yard is in bloom. The best part? It's like having a free flower shop right out side.
 Since we're renting, I'm taking advantage of the owners' green thumb.
 And since I promised to start sharing photos of my home I thought the dining room would
 be a good place to start. Dining rooms are tricky spaces I think, 
I rarely ever see one I absolutely loooove so I keep mine on the minimal side.
Black, white, and brass...till I can afford *Spectacular*
So don't judge me on this room, it's not done.

It's the simplest space in the house...no tchotchkes (they're on the other side of the room). I did put up drapes, because even though it's a rental, it's still our home and I'm partial to privacy.
 I hung my Sciolari chandelier (that doesn't actually work because there was no existing wiring in this spot and well because it's still wired for France)... but I'm content to just gawk at it for now. 
And then there is my late grandmothers dining room set that I had lacquered black and recovered the seats in black leather. Almost every holiday meal I ever ate was spent with family around
 this table so I don't know that I will ever part with it, but I would like to find new chairs. 
Something fabulous... less traditional, more me
For some color I dug out my milk glass collection and proceeded to pillage a couple of rose bushes.
 I'm a sucker for a pop of pink, and a believer that if a little is good a lot must be better. 
 Free, high impact, and my house smells amazing. Gotta love Spring. 

 Stay tuned...entryway photos coming soon.  

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